Summertime is fun! But how do we keep the children entertained to avoid the summer blahs until school starts again?  PRN is happy to present its Pinterest board of summer activities with only our top picks for kids and parents.…

These activities can be done indoors, in the backyard or at the park. They cost little to no money and they are sure to have all kids entertained.

Some of these activities are excellent for sensory exploration. We also include activities that can help build life, functional and even academic skills.

Among our top pins are the homemade slime, sponge bombs and chalk popsicles.

Check out our 30 days of summer fun from PRN’s Pinterest board …And let the fun begin!

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[rescue_box color=”blue” text_align=”left” width=”100%” float=”none”]HUGE thanks to Miranda for being the voice of our video!  She is the daughter of Marggiana of PRN’s Specialist team.[/rescue_box]