My Child’s 504 Plan Doesn’t Seem to Be Working. Now What?

Are you concerned your child’s 504 plan isn’t working? Sometimes 504 plans need to be adjusted to better serve your child and help her make progress. Here are steps you can take if you think your child’s 504 plan isn’t working.

1. Define what “not working” means to you.

The first step is to identify why you think the 504 plan isn’t working. Maybe you expected your child to improve in certain areas or have higher grades because of the 504 plan. Maybe you’re concerned that there’s a snag or mix-up with your child’s services and supports. You might think she needs different accommodations or more help than the school currently provides.

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Does My Child’s 504 Plan Have to Be Reviewed at the Beginning of Each School Year?

Does my child’s 504 plan have to be revisited at the beginning of each school year? Is there a legal requirement to review it annually?

No, unlike with IEPs, there’s no legal requirement to review a 504 plan each year. But it’s a good idea to have an annual 504 plan review meeting anyway. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a situation where you wouldn’t want to revisit the plan at the start of the year.

The new school year brings a lot of changes for your child—such as new teachers, curriculum and classes. If your child is starting middle or high school, she may be in an unfamiliar setting for the first time. There are also possible changes in medication, as well as new extracurricular activities, like sports and clubs. A 504 plan should adjust for these changes.

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6 Tips to Make Sure Your Child’s 504 Plan Is Being Followed

Your child’s 504 plan has been set in motion. Is the school delivering what it promised? Use these tips from to monitor the situation throughout the year.

Know who’s providing your child’s services.

The 504 plan should state not only what special services your child will receive but also the name of the person is responsible for it. Try casually asking your child, “Have you worked with Mr. Jones this week?” Your child’s answer may tell you a little—or a lot—about how well the 504 plan is being followed.

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