“Students with disabilities and English language learners (ELLS) who are eligible for testing accommodations may receive those accommodations through an enhanced online version of STAAR. In addition to three types of embedded accommodations (text-to-speech, language and vocabulary supports, and content supports) that can be assigned on an individual student basis, the online version of STAAR will include enhance accessibility features that are available to all students.” – TEA

After December 2016, STAAR A & STAAR L test forms will no longer be used.

This change means that schools must have enough computers for all students with disabilities & ELLs who need accommodations. TEA will let districts know soon what ARD/IEP teams, & 504 committees must do to address this change.

TEA is also studying whether SAT or ACT testing can take the place of end of course assessments for some students.

STAAR assessments for grades 3-5 will be shortened so that 85% of students will be able to complete the test within 2 hours, & 3 hours in grades 6-8.