Texas law and TEA rules (TAC 74.12(b)(5)) allow exemptions to the requirement for two LOTE credits. Texas has recognized that this can be very difficult or impossible for some students.

These credits may be earned from any two levels in the same language; or two credits in computer programming languages selected from Computer Science I, II, and III. This applies to any student.

If a student, in completing the first credit of LOTE, demonstrates that they are unlikely to be able to complete the second credit, the student may substitute: (i) Special Topics in Language and Culture; (ii) World History Studies or World Geography Studies; (iii) another credit selected from Chapter 114 of this title (relating to Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Languages Other Than English); or (iv) computer programming languages.

The determination regarding a student’s ability to complete the second credit of LOTE must be agreed to by the teacher of the first LOTE credit course, the principal, and the student’s parent; the student’s admission, review, and dismissal (ARD) committee if the student receives special education services; or a 504 committee.

A student, who due to a disability, is unable to complete two credits in the same language in a LOTE, may substitute a combination of two credits from English language arts, mathematics, science, or social studies or two credits in career and technical education or technology applications for the LOTE credit requirements. The determination regarding a student’s ability to complete the LOTE credit requirements will be made by the student’s ARD committee; or the committee established under Section 504.

While some secondary staff may not be aware of this exemption, parents can (politely) point out this TAC citation to the appropriate staff, and committee. It should be noted that not having LOTE credits could affect a student’s admittance to some universities.