Keeping up on a student’s progress towards meeting their IEP goals can save valuable time. Be sure that you know how each goal will be monitored and when instructional changes should be made.

Regarding Strengths & Weaknesses

ASK: What do you see as my child’s strengths, weaknesses– academically, behaviorally, and socially?

DISCUSS: Your own thoughts about their strengths, weaknesses, interests, what motivates your child, what behaviors you see at home, and how your child feels about him/herself as a learner.

Regarding Grade Level Skills

ASK: What skills/knowledge is my child expected to master in core and content area subjects? (Core– basic reading, writing, math; Content– social studies, science) How is my child doing in comparison with the rest of the class?

DISCUSS: What is done to support kids who don’t achieve skills; what is done to challenge and accelerate the learning of kids who do? Talk about the use of accommodations to “level the playing field” when the child has a strength or interest in a content area but can’t show knowledge on a test because of a reading/writing disability.

Regarding Grading

ASK: How are grades determined in both core and content area subjects?

DISCUSS: What can be done at school and/or home to increase low grades; what is preventing success in a subject?