The most important part of self-advocacy is being able to share information about yourself with others.  In order to be prepared
for your ARD/IEP meeting, think about and write your responses to the following questions:

1. What positive information do I want to share with others, such as my interests and strengths?

2. What do I want to learn or work on improving this year?

3. What are my special concerns?

4. What goals have I set for myself for the future?  Next year? After high school?

5. How would I explain my disability to others?

6. What do I need to be successful? (I need the following accommodations; explain why)

7. How do I learn best?

8. What does not work for me?

9. This year I intend to:

  • Give important information to my parents or teacher to share with the IEP team
  • Lead my IEP team meeting
  • Come for just a few minutes rather than attending the whole meeting
  • Attend an entire IEP meeting
  • Understand what is written in my IEP
    • Goals and objectives?
    • Related services?
    • Accommodations?
    • Assistive technology?
  • Review the results of the meeting with my parent or my teacher

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Publication provided by PACER Center: 2014, 2006 PACER Center; ACTion Sheet: PHP-c149b