Yesterday, 7/17/2018, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) posted a letter to schools on actions in the special education corrective action plan that schools must begin preparing to do. Schools must:

  • Collect and retain requests for evaluation data that includes the reason for the request and whether additional services are needed including the timeline for implementation.
  • Annually distribute information to every enrolled student’s family regarding the following:
    • child find and FAPE requirements under IDEA
    • parent and students’ rights under IDEA
    • contact information necessary to request an initial evaluation for a student they suspect of having a disability
  • Confirm that their local special education policies and practices are in compliance with federal and state requirements.
  • Share resources with the parents of children suspected of having a disability that describe the differences between response to intervention (RtI), the state dyslexia program (for dyslexia or dyslexia-related needs), Section 504, and special education.

The Special Education Corrective Action Response Requirements and Timelines letter from TEA is available online at