What is a REED?

REED is an acronym for Review of Existing Evaluation Data.  The following information about REEDs is excerpted from the Texas Education Agency’s (TEA) webpage Review of Existing Evaluation Data Frequently Asked Questions:

A review of existing evaluation data (REED) is the process of looking at a student’s existing data to determine if additional data are needed as part of an initial evaluation (if appropriate) or as part of a reevaluation. Specifically, the group conducting the REED must determine whether further assessments are required to determine:

  • Whether the student has or continues to have a disability;
  • Whether the student’s present levels of academic achievement needs and related developmental needs have changed;
  • Whether the student needs or continues to need special education and related services; and
  • Whether the student needs any additions or modification to the special education and related services to meet the measurable annual goals set out in the individualized education program (IEP) and to participate, as appropriate, in the general education curriculum.

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I’m Concerned My Child Might Have Learning and Attention Issues

Are you wondering if learning and attention issues are causing your child’s challenges in school or at home? If so, you wouldn’t be alone. One in five kids have learning and attention issues. And with the right support, they can thrive in school and in life.

This article from Understood.org provides steps you can take to determine if your child has learning and attention issues, and where to go from there.

1. Know the skills learning and attention issues can affect.

The term “learning and attention issues” covers a wide range of challenges kids may face in school, at home and in the community. These lifelong, brain-based difficulties can cause trouble with reading, writing, math, organization, concentration, listening comprehension, social skills or motor skills.

They’re not just “kids being lazy.” And having these issues doesn’t mean a child isn’t intelligent. Read about what learning and attention issues are and what they aren’t.

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