The draft of the Texas ESSA state plan has been posted online at:

Comments on the plan can be made until August 29th, 2017.  However, the draft mentions disabilities very little. If anyone has any addition information on the state plan, please let us know.

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has also posted the following video:

Excerpts from the ESSA state plan:

TEA will develop a set of supports to help districts build the capacity to evaluate campus performance and make strategic decisions about school improvement, school transformations, or maximizing enrollment in high performing schools, to understand and address school level talent needs, and to make informed decisions about curriculum and assessment strategies. Pg 25

TEA will consider more rigorous interventions at the district level for districts with a significant number or percentage of schools that are consistently identified for comprehensive support and improvement and are not meeting exit criteria established by the State. These interventions may include, but not be limited to, appointing a Monitor, a Conservator, or a Board of Managers to oversee the district or a group of schools in the district or partnering with the district to consider alternative governance solutions for sets of identified schools. Pg 26

Some insights from Chuck Noe, PRN Education Specialist:

State activities to improve school conditions for student learning

Beginning in the Fall of 2015, TEA launched a statewide initiative for Restorative Discipline Practices. Restorative discipline is a part of the multi-tiered systems of support. Restorative discipline changes traditional behavior management by focusing on community building and the development of strong and powerful relationships, not just punishment.

The state goals for academic achievement rises from 80% in 2017 to 90% in 2027

Special education students are currently at 35% in reading and 42% in math. There is no explanation of what will be done to address this large gap and no specific strategies or projects listed for students with disabilities. The minimum number of students required for district and campus reports will mean that in many cases data will not be listed for special education students.

To comment on the Texas ESSA State Plan, please visit TEA’s website at