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This training is designed for PARENTS who want to make a difference!

As a parent, you are going to gain knowledge that can be applied to your own child, but that is just a side benefit of the training. You will also be given the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of other parents and affect their child’s quality of life!
We are here to help you have a better understanding of the ARD process, and to train you on how to help other parents understand it. *Your leadership can impact more people than you realize.*

Parent Leadership Training is a three-part process. They are:

1. Two Parent Leadership online courses must be completed – IDEA 2004 & Procedural Safeguards (register for online courses here: https://prntexas.com/available-self-directed-courses/)
2. A one-day Parent Leadership Training via Zoom (ARD Structure & Leadership Skills)
3. A follow-up webinar

Jamie Thomas | 325.450.2774 | regions14.15prn@gmail.com


Partners Resource Network

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Toll Free: 1.800.866.4726


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