Where will a student with a disability receive his or her special education and related services? IDEA requires placement in the least restrictive environment (LRE) for each child, a setting that is based on the child’s IEP. Use the options and paths below to find out more about:

  • who decides placement;
  • how they decide it;
  • what LRE is and why it’s a foundation element in IDEA and in deciding a child’s placement; and
  • how placement can be affected if a child with a disability violates certain codes of student content.

Placement Overview
An overview of Placement. Here are the basics, if you please.

LRE in Placement Decisions
LRE – least restrictive environment – is a foundational principle in IDEA. What is LRE, and how does it shape placement decisions? This discussion takes a detailed look.

School Inclusion
Looking for information about, and best practices for, the inclusion of students with disabilities in regular classrooms and in the daily activities of school?

Placement and School Discipline
How is a child’s placement affected when he or she is being disciplined for a violation of the student code? Find out what authority school personnel have to remove a child from his or her current placement, what authority the hearing officer has, what constitutes a change of placement, and what placement the child will have during any appeal.

9 Things Every Parent Should Know About the “10 Day Rule”
Sometimes, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.  Here are nine things that every parent should know about the so-called “ten-day” rule and the laws governing the suspension of children with disabilities who are entitled to services under IDEA.

Discipline, in Detail
Here are all the details on IDEA’s discipline procedures, which guide how schools respond to behavioral infractions of children with disabilities.