30 06, 2017

Metacognition: How Thinking About Thinking Can Help Kids


When kids hit difficult problems — the seemingly insurmountable English essay, a math test that takes on epic proportions, social struggles that leave them feeling frustrated — it can be tempting to give up and resort to four words no parent ever wants to hear: “I can’t do it.” Kids need to be able to make the transition from ‘I can’t’ to the proactive ‘How can I?’ In order to thrive, kids need to be able to make the transition from the negative “I can’t” to the proactive “How can I?” To do that, they need to think about why they’re stuck, [...]

Metacognition: How Thinking About Thinking Can Help Kids2019-10-03T13:06:11-05:00
8 05, 2017

The Dyslexia-Stress-Anxiety Connection


Stress is the reaction of the body and brain to situations that put us in harm’s way. The stressor may be a physical threat (e.g., a baseball coming quickly toward you) or a psychological threat (e.g., a worry or fear that you will make a mistake delivering your lines in a play or write a passage that won’t make sense to the reader). Stress, or more specifically, the stress response, is our body’s attempt to keep us safe from harm. It’s a biological and psychological response. When we’re under stress, the chemistry of our body and our brain (and, therefore, our [...]

The Dyslexia-Stress-Anxiety Connection2018-07-25T15:33:21-05:00


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