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18 09, 2020

One-on-One IEP Clinic | Clinica de IEP


An IEP Clinic is a designated appointment time to meet with your Regional Coordinator. | Una Clínica de IEP es una cita designado con su Coordinadora Regional.

One-on-One IEP Clinic | Clinica de IEP2020-07-28T15:15:27-05:00
18 09, 2020

¿Discapacidad o Diferencias?


El objetivo de este taller es ayudarle a aprender a reconocer sus fortalezas y retos de aprendizaje para maximizar su potencial En este taller, discutiremos varias discapacidades y cómo identificar sus fortalezas y diferencias de aprendizaje específicas.

¿Discapacidad o Diferencias?2020-07-28T15:12:09-05:00
17 09, 2020

Support Group


This will be a safe place for parents or families of kids with disabilities where we can discuss what we are doing to survive the current Covid 19 situation.

Support Group2020-07-28T15:07:51-05:00
16 09, 2020

Creative Parenting


This workshop will highlight some of the unique challenges that go into parenting a child with a disability and guide parents to consider some “creative parenting” techniques.

Creative Parenting2020-07-28T15:03:14-05:00
16 09, 2020

Best Practices in School Based Education


This workshop is designed to give parents an understanding of what “data based” decision making is and how it impacts their child’s education program.

Best Practices in School Based Education2020-07-28T14:59:17-05:00
14 09, 2020

Transition from ECI to Public School


Learn what you need to know about the process of Transition from ECI to Public School and the difference in services between IDEA Part C (Birth to age 3) and Part B (Ages 3 to 21).

Transition from ECI to Public School2020-07-28T14:55:41-05:00


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