Talking to teachers can be scary for teens. What is the secret to being the student that teachers go out of their way to help? Good communication!  A teacher was asked, “What can students do to communicate well with you?”  Here is the response and some great communication tips.

  • The most important thing is having a positive attitude and a genuine desire
    improve. This makes it easier and more enjoyable for both you and your teacher—no one likes a grouch!
  • Be an active participant during class. This means asking good questions, participating in discussions, and staying off electronics!
  • Frame questions in a non-accusatory tone. Instead of asking a question like “Why did you take off points for that?” use something along the lines of “Can you explain what I need to improve for next time?”
  • Never confront or correct a teacher in front of other students. Do so privately—before or after school. Try to avoid between classes when another class is coming in. A rushed atmosphere isn’t conductive to discussion.
  • Try to improve before there is an issue and write thank you notes to the teachers who go above and beyond to help you out.
  • When in doubt, just be respectful. Remember that teachers are human, too. They don’t know when you are going through a hard time, just like they sometimes go through rough patches themselves.
  • If something your teacher said or did bothered you, let them know so that they can do what they can to fix it. Also tell them when you really liked a lesson, it gives them feedback and lets them know what works.

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Adapted from the article A Guide to Communicating Well with Your Teachers by Madison Sheldrake, August 21, 2015. Retrieved from