Job Openings

PEN Project

The PEN Project is taking resumes for the PEN Director position. Please email your resumes to the PEN Project at


 GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The Project Director will be responsible for the implementation, continuation, and accomplishment of the goals, objectives, and activities of the Project.  The Director oversees the activities of all Project staff and monitors progress and accomplishments. The Project Director has responsibility for evaluation, public awareness, personnel management, reporting, and management of project resources.  The Project Director reports to the Co-Director.


  1. Monitor the development, revision, and evaluation of Personal Plans of Actions for specified employees.
  2. Assign tasks to staff in accordance with the Activity Plan of the Project.
  3. Monitor the activities, work schedules, submission of reports, and the absences of specific employees.
  4. Plan and conduct quarterly staff meetings for field staff.
  5. Schedule and conduct monthly staff conference calls.
  6. Monitor and evaluate the accomplishment of Project goals and objectives.
  7. Monitor and approve expenditures of Project funds.
  8. Direct the acquisition, maintenance, and inventory of supplies and materials.
  9. Direct the maintenance of the Project Information System (participant database, cumulative progress reports, impact surveys, etc.).
  10. Submit timely reports concerning the progress toward and completion of the Project’s goals and objectives.
  11. Direct the development and expansion of training and educational materials and programs.
  12. Direct the activities of all staff related to outreach to traditionally underserved parents.
  13. Prepare and submit timely reports.
  14. Direct the development and implementation of public awareness materials and activities.
  15. Participate in strategic planning and evaluation.
  16. Evaluate, correct and discipline specified employees, in consultation with the Co-Director.
  17. Coordinate scheduling, location, and content of workshops throughout the region.
  18. Coordinate with Technology Specialist to ensure that all project activities and training are posted on the web site in a timely manner.
  19. Oversee the Project’s monthly E-newsletter.
  20. Participate in the solicitation of requests for additional funding.
  21. Communicate with regional, state, and national agencies and organizations.
  22. Serve as the liaison between the Project and the Project Officer of the Office of
    Special Education Programs of the U.S. Department of Education.
  23. Represent PRN and the Project as requested at meetings, conferences, and other events.
  24. Participate in other activities of the Project as required.


  1. Education: A minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university with a specialization in the areas of Special Education, Administration, or related fields AND at least one year of full-time experience in program administration; OR
  2. A combination of six years of education and work experience in related fields.


  1. Knowledge of the unique training and information needs of parents of children with disabilities and personnel who work with these parents.
  2. Ability to conduct individual and group training.
  3. Working knowledge of the nature and needs of various types of disabilities.
  4. Ability to successfully interact with, motivate and organize diverse groups of people.
  5. Ability to delegate responsibility for task completion to significant others.
  6. Working knowledge of laws, programs, policies, and service delivery as they affect children with disabilities and their families.
  7. Ability to organize and obtain closure.
  8. Knowledge of evaluation methods as applied to service provisions.
  9. Knowledge of the nature and needs of adult learners.
  10. Proven leadership ability.
  11. Familiarity with best and emerging practices in parent advocacy and training related to children with disabilities.
  12. Knowledge of key disability agencies and organizations in the community, state, and nation.
  13. Knowledge of the use of strategic planning and evaluation.
  14. Ability to work effectively in a self-directed manner according to prescribed goals, objectives, and resources.
  15. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, with diverse individuals and groups.
  16. Ability to effectively utilize a computer for e-mail, internet searches, web pages, databases, presentations, and word processing.