The Independent Futures that Work! project is a joint effort of the Parent Training and Information Centers (PTIs) in Alabama, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Oklahoma.

The primary purpose of this 5-year project is to build the competence and confidence of young adults with disabilities in Region B-2 to access independent living and employment services so they can more successfully transition from the youth entitlement system to the adult eligibility system. Our Resource Center will also help family members and professionals improve their capacity to support these young adults with disabilities on their journey.

We are establishing a project advisory committee for our state to assist our project in meeting goals in the following areas:

  • All stakeholders must have a voice in Resource Center activities;
  • We need a clearer understanding of existing materials that would help young adults with disabilities transition from the youth entitlement system to the adult eligibility system;
  • All new materials and services should be useful to young adults with disabilities and their families;
  • Project materials must be available in print and digital formats, and services must be accessible through multiple channels;
  • Professionals from the adult eligibility system should be able to partner with all young adults with disabilities and their families; and
  • All materials and services should improve the capacity of young adults with disabilities and their families to transition to independent living and employment.

Are you interested in being on the Texas State Advisory Committee? If so, please email Lisa Cowart at to be included in correspondence!

RSA PTI Independent Futures that Work! Current State Resources for Texas

Dude, Where’s My Transition Plan?
Speaking directly to youth with disabilities, this booklet includes multiple transition planning worksheets, several checklists, and discussions of self-advocacy.

  • English version of Dude, Where’s My Transition Plan?
  • Spanish version of Dude, Where’s My Transition Plan? (Amigo, ¿dónde está mi plan de transición?)

It’s Still a Good IDEA: IDEA Manual for Parents
This manual is designed to help you become familiar with the requirements of IDEA and Texas law so you can act as an equal partner in planning your child’s education. You will learn, by using this manual and by working with school staff, how to plan an educational program that will lead to an independent and productive life for your child and yourself.

Navigate Life Texas
Resources and support for families raising children with disabilities.

SPEDTex provides information and resources that can help parents understand their child’s disability, their rights and responsibilities under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), and facilitate collaboration that supports the development and delivery of services to children with disabilities in our State.

Texas Career Check – Interest Profiler
A fun activity to do before exploring the world of work. Take a few minutes to answer 60 questions to identify occupations relevant to your likes and interests. Your results will lead you to a list of occupations for you to explore.

Texas OnCourse
Your source for college and career preparation.