• Part-time 20 hours/week; Serving Region 3 (Victoria, Port Lavaca, and El Campo)

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The Regional Coordinator will serve as the area representative of the Project and as Liaison between communities and the Project. The position will be responsible for local information dissemination, training, networking, development and organization of community coalitions, identification of resource persons, crisis management and response, and resource development within the service area. The position will report directly to the Project Director.


  1. Participate in the program of staff training.
  2. Arrange, develop and facilitate a series of training programs in the service area for parents, service providers, and interested citizens.
  3. Respond to local requests for information concerning referral sources, technical assistance, and parent-to-parent support groups.
  4. Disseminate Project announcements and public awareness materials within area.
  5. Collect and disseminate information of interest to other staff members, parents and professionals in the area of:
  6. State service delivery systems and policies
  7. Texas resources for persons with disabilities
  8. Parent support groups and networks
  9. Innovative methods of service delivery and “promising educational practices”
  10. Serve a communication linkage between local communities and coordinating office to provide for two way interaction.
  11. Conduct community needs assessments related to children with disabilities and their families.
  12. Recruit and support the participation of parents, professionals, and significant others in families.
  13. Recruit volunteers to provide one-on-one information and technical assistance to other parents.
  14. Submit reports on a timely basis.
  15. Assist in statewide activities of the Project, including but not limited to conference, development of publications and materials and public awareness.
  16. Participate in other activities of the Project as required.


  1. Education:  A minimum of a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  2. Experience:  Demonstrate at least two years of community development activities for services to persons with disabilities and their families. Must be familiar with special education services and the ARD process.


  1. Knowledge of the unique training and information needs of parents of children with disabilities from the perspective of a parent or family member of a child with a disability.
  2. Awareness of the various types of disabilities.
  3. Knowledge of the agencies, services and communities found within the area.
  4. Ability to communicate effectively with others.
  5. Ability to read and write effectively.
  6. Willingness to participate in the Project for its duration.
  7. Knowledge and acquaintance with the educational and other service systems within the area.
  8. Ability to identify and utilize volunteer workers.
  9. Ability to plan and complete a task.
  10. Ability to work in a self-directed manner without extensive direct supervision.
  11. Knowledge of laws, regulations, and policies affecting children with disabilities and their families.

TO APPLY:  Send your resume and optional cover letter to: