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Partners Resource Network can help you understand your child’s disability, understand your rights and responsibilities under IDEA, obtain and evaluate resources and services, and effectively participate as an equal team member with professionals in planning services for your child.

How Do You Get Started?

Call us at our state office at 1.800.866.4726 or email us at partnersresource@sbcglobal.net and we will put you in touch with our person assisting parents and families in your area.

Is There a Cost for Our Services?

No. All our services are provided at no cost.

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Help us make a difference in the lives of Texas children with disabilities and their families!

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Upcoming Workshops, Webinars & Events

TAMU Training for Parents of Non-verbal ASD Children

January 25 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm CST

Communication Skills

January 26 @ 12:00 pm CST

Embrace Differences Support Group

January 26 @ 12:00 pm CST


Partners Resource Network

Phone: 409.898.4684

Toll Free: 1.800.866.4726


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