Each state has the power to decide whether IEP meetings (referred to as ARD meetings in Texas) can or can’t be recorded.  Federal law does not prohibit a parent or school official from recording IEP meetings.

Texas recording law stipulates that Texas is a one-party consent state. So either party, parents or the school, can record without the other knowing. Doing this however, would likely undermine the relationship between the parent and the school.

Typically if you, the parent, ask to record your child’s ARD meeting or tell the ARD committee that you will be recording the meeting, the school will record the meeting as well. If you are not recording the ARD meeting but feel a recording would be helpful, you can ask if the school is recording the meeting and, if so, how you can get a copy of the recording. Additionally, taking notes during your child’s ARD meeting can help you remember what was said and when it might have been said during the meeting which can be helpful when reviewing the recording.

Sometimes school staff may think that parents cannot tape their child’s ARD meeting, but asking them to do a Google search or call the special education director should resolve this issue. It is also helpful to talk to your school about your request to record your child’s ARD meeting prior to meeting.

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