Yes.  It is a good idea to take notes during your child’s ARD meeting – for your own use or in case disagreements occur.

[In Texas, the IEP meeting is referred to as an ARD meeting.  ARD is an acronym for Admission, Review, and Dismissal.]

If you find it hard to take notes and participate effectively in the development of your child’s IEP during the ARD meeting, you can invite someone else (such as a family member or friend) to come to the meeting with you to take notes.

In your notes, you don’t need to write everything that is being said down word for word.  Its fine to summarize what is being said.

It’s especially important to take good notes if there’s something you and the school disagree about. In your summary, clearly note that you made a request and why.  Also note that the school refused your request and the reasons the school gave for the refusal.

Immediately after the ARD meeting ends, review your notes for anything that’s unclear or to add information that you may have missed. Then don’t make any further changes. If you add to the ARD meeting notes, you may not be able to use them in a legal proceeding if there’s a dispute.

Reviewing your notes from the previous ARD meeting and your child’s IEP paperwork is a great way to prepare for your next ARD meeting.