Advances in Technology Make Driving More Accessible for Individuals with Disabilities

Only the ability to drive a vehicle can make unlimited freedom of travel possible. This is particularly true for a person with a disability.

Advances in technology have made private vehicle travel attainable, and even more preferable. More and more, persons with a disability are able to modify their vehicles and obtain an adaptive driver’s license to enhance their independence.

Driving allows persons with a disability to participate in activities when, where and how they want to without having to depend on others for transportation. It basically heightens a person’s ability to live life by his or her own plan.

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Teen with dyslexia shares how she uses technology to read and write

If you want to be inspired, check out this video and meet Nichelle, a freshman in high school with Dyslexia. She’s had challenges with reading and writing since kindergarten – but that hasn’t stopped her!  Hear how she has overcome her challenges and how using technology has helped her pull her grades up to A’s and B’s!

3 Ways Technology Can Help Students with Autism

“It is a statistic that most Americans would probably be stunned to find is so prevalent: One of out every 68 kids in the United States is on the autism spectrum, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While it’s true that most children these days are considered “digital natives,” children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) also find themselves most comfortable with a device in their hands.”

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