PRN is pleased to connect you with sources of information for helping children who have behavior challenges. Because “behavior” is such a huge topic, we’ve divided the subject up into separate pages to make digesting it more manageable!

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Behavior Expertise
This page focuses upon where to access..well…expertise in behavior: the centers and projects that focus on it, behavior journals, professionals who can help, and a glossary of behavior terms.

Behavior Assessment, Plans, and Positive Supports
Why is the student exhibiting this behavior? Behavioral assessments can help you answer that question–which, in turn, will help you provide appropriate positive behavior supports.

Behavior at Home
The resources listed in this page connect families with resources and support to help a child with his or her behavior at home.

Behavior at School
What can teachers and administrators do to help children manage their behavior at school? What’s recommended by disability and behavior specialists? What does the law require?

Bullying is a serious concern for many students with disabilities. Here are resources to help put an end to bullying.

How TV Can Help Kids Improve Social Skills
Does your child have trouble picking up social cues? Watching TV with him may be a good way to help him learn and practice social skills. In this video from, an expert shows a mom how to use TV to help her 10-year-old son better understand emotions, behavior and sarcasm.