10 11, 2017

Changes in Texas Law on Bullying


The Texas legislature has passed a law (SB 179) that adds to the rules on harassment, bullying and cyberbullying of a public school student or minor. Starting September 1, 2017, notice of alleged bullying must be given to the parent of the target student on or before the third business day after the incident is reported.  The alleged bully’s parent is to be notified within a “reasonable time.” Chapter 37 is amended to allow for expulsion or DAEP for a student who 1) engages in bullying that encourages suicide; 2) incites violence through group bullying; or 3) releases or threatens to [...]

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8 05, 2017

Bullying in Texas Schools


Texas laws require schools and school administrators to take actions to prevent bullying and to investigate reports of bullying.  The law breaks bullying into 3 components: Conduct:  Physical conduct that occurs at school, a school function, or in a school vehicle. - Written, verbal or electronic expression.; Motivation:  Bullying involves exploiting an imbalance of power. - Exploit: "to use selfishly for one's ends." - Exploitation involves intentional conduct.; Effect: The conduct must either 1) interfere with the student's education; or 2) substantially disrupt the operation of the school. Regarding interfering with a student's education, a school attorney said that bullying is:  “Physical harm [...]

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