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6 11, 2018

Self-Advocacy is a Valuable Skill for Your Teenager with LD


If your teen has a learning disability, self-awareness and self-advocacy are keys to her future success. The ability to self-advocate is important for kids to learn in order to be successful at all stages of their lives. In the past, self-advocacy was a term applied mostly to adults with disabilities, but recently more focus has been placed on teaching this skill to preteens and teenagers. Self-advocacy is understanding your strengths and needs, identifying your personal goals, knowing your legal rights and responsibilities, and communicating these to others. Because your child lives with his learning struggles on a daily basis, he must [...]

Self-Advocacy is a Valuable Skill for Your Teenager with LD2019-05-23T12:07:37-05:00
29 10, 2018

Decision-Making Supports and Protections for a Young Adult


Even young adults on a typical developmental path don’t immediately begin making every decision, and assuming every responsibility, the day after they turn 18. There are a variety of supports for decision-making, both formal and informal, that parents of all young adults can consider, regardless of the young person’s disability or level of independence. Decision making supports can apply to medical, financial, educational and personal decisions. There are four main factors to consider in order to make a meaningful support plan for your individual young adult with his or her own unique needs. The factors are: autonomy, capacity, responsibility for consequences, [...]

Decision-Making Supports and Protections for a Young Adult2018-10-29T11:05:24-05:00
22 08, 2018

Outside the Box College Accommodations for Students with Mental Health Disabilities


Students who have a mental health condition may need additional support to help them do the best they can in school and work. The “Americans with Disabilities Act” (ADA) entitles students with disabilities, like mental health conditions, to get academic help with academic accommodations and other legal rights. Most schools are used to providing typical accommodations such as: note taker, extra time for assignments, and assistive technology for students of many different disabilities. Yet, the challenges of having a mental health condition are unique. These tips will help you to think “outside-the-box” to get the educational accommodations that help you with [...]

Outside the Box College Accommodations for Students with Mental Health Disabilities2018-08-22T16:41:38-05:00
11 07, 2018

The Path to Independence: Mobile Apps to Support Transition-Age Youth


Many free and low-cost mobile apps are available to support transition-age youth with disabilities as they embark on their journey towards post-secondary education, job training, employment, and independent living. This PACER Center guide lists mobile apps that have been reviewed by parents and professionals and found to be useful and well-designed. […]

The Path to Independence: Mobile Apps to Support Transition-Age Youth2018-07-11T14:21:45-05:00
1 06, 2018

Be Like the Cool Kids


Image matters, or at least we think so in high school. From the stars of the most recent Netflix series to the kids that sit at the “cool kid table” in the cafeteria, image matters.  Although many of us as adults recognize that being cool is not everything, to a teenager it is. But what happens when it’s impossible to find cool kids like you?  Is it possible to be both disabled and cool?  Or, in order to be cool, do we need to “pass” as nondisabled? Growing up, I was never one of the cool kids, even though I tried [...]

Be Like the Cool Kids2018-07-23T14:36:27-05:00
29 05, 2018

Making My Way through College


Making My Way through College is a guide for any student pursuing a degree or other type of credential (e.g., certification, license) at a two-year or four-year community college, college, or university. You will find information on a variety of topics relevant to preparing for and succeeding in college and transitioning from college into the world of work. Much of the information provided is relevant to all students, but the primary focus of the guide is on navigating the college experience for students with disabilities or those who think they may have a disability. […]

Making My Way through College2018-07-23T14:37:48-05:00


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