9 01, 2018

Attendance for Course Credit


Frequently, students with disabilities are not able to attend a class (due to doctors or specialists appointments, illness, behavior, tardiness, related services, etc.).  Absences affect a student’s ability to learn: the skills, content taught in the class, and restrain the teacher’s ability to measure the student’s learning. Educators and the Texas Legislature are concerned about attendance and a law was passed to address this issue.  The intent is to provide support for students to master the curriculum and be prepared for the next grade or course.  The rules on the law are referred to as “the 90% rule”.  A student with [...]

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11 12, 2017

Students Who Won’t or Can’t Go to School


As the concept of chronic absenteeism gains traction across the country, some people are under the impression that it’s just a politically correct way of saying truancy. However, the two terms describe different aspects of our absenteeism problem and require different approaches to bringing students back to school every day. First, let’s take truancy, a term that generally refers to unexcused absences. In the past, federal law required states to track truancy but left it to states to come up with the definition. With its focus on unexcused absences, truancy naturally leads to a focus on compliance with the rules. Students [...]

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