29 10, 2018

Decision-Making Supports and Protections for a Young Adult


Even young adults on a typical developmental path don’t immediately begin making every decision, and assuming every responsibility, the day after they turn 18. There are a variety of supports for decision-making, both formal and informal, that parents of all young adults can consider, regardless of the young person’s disability or level of independence. Decision making supports can apply to medical, financial, educational and personal decisions. There are four main factors to consider in order to make a meaningful support plan for your individual young adult with his or her own unique needs. The factors are: autonomy, capacity, responsibility for consequences, [...]

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8 01, 2018

How the Age of Majority affects an IEP


What is the age of majority? The age in which the child will now be considered an adult and MUST receive notice of an IEP meeting, consent to an evaluation, select the participants of an IEP meeting, attend an IEP meeting and consent to the contents of an IEP. These rights must be explained no later than one year prior to the age of majority. The age of majority is most commonly the 18th birthday but could be different based on the State you live in. In Texas, the age of majority is 18. Why does the age of majority matter? [...]

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2 01, 2018

What Does Age of Majority Mean?


“Age of majority is the legal age established under State law at which an individual is no longer a minor and, as a young adult, has the right and responsibility to make certain legal choices that adults make” (National Center on Secondary Education and Transition, 2002). Thus, when people use the term age of majority, they are generally referring to when a young person reaches the age where one is considered to be an adult. Depending upon your state law, this usually happens at some point between 18 and 21. […]

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