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6 02, 2019

Questions to Ask at Your Next ARD Meeting


Just hearing the word ARD (Admission Review and Dismissal meeting) can cause terror in some parents. I can remember sitting in my very first ARD meeting (in IDEA, this meeting is referred to as the IEP meeting). My husband was out of town and I did not know that I could take anyone with me, so I went by myself. I was brought in and given a chair at a very large table. The room was filled with people I had never seen before. To say that I felt intimidated is an understatement. I believe the only words I said were [...]

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6 02, 2019

Understanding the Annual IEP Process


As a parent or youth over 18, your participation in creating an IEP is central to exercising your rights guaranteed by the IDEA. After a student is found eligible for an IEP, and a plan developed and agreed to by the IEP team, it is generally in place for one year. After that, an IEP meeting must be held. (A one year review is the minimum requirement, but meeting more frequently to check in or as problems arise is a good idea). The annual IEP meeting brings the IEP team together to review the student’s progress, and plan for the year [...]

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6 02, 2017

A Seven-Step Process to Creating Standards-based IEPs


This post presents a seven-step process for developing IEPs that are aligned with state academic grade-level content standards. Each step is followed by guiding questions for the ARD committee to consider in making data-based decisions. This process can help school personnel to: (a) consider each student’s strengths and needs to develop goals focused on closing the gaps between the student’s levels of academic achievement and grade-level standards; and (b) use data to make decisions, including selecting the most appropriate assessment option. The goal is to support ARD committees to develop documents that, when implemented, provide access to the general curriculum and [...]

A Seven-Step Process to Creating Standards-based IEPs2017-06-30T15:45:25-05:00


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