16 07, 2019

¿Listos para el regreso a clases? Serie de Videos en Facebook


¿Estás listo para afrontar el nuevo año escolar? Únase a nosotros para nuestra serie de Facebook En Vivo de cuatro partes, "¿Listos para el regreso a clases?", mientras discutimos la implementación del IEP, los cambios sin una reunión de ARD, a quién contactar cuando surgen problemas y los pasos que puede tomar cuando el IEP no está funcionando para tu hijo!

¿Listos para el regreso a clases? Serie de Videos en Facebook2019-07-16T17:41:59-05:00
6 11, 2018

Tips to Communicate Effectively


It is always best to try to resolve any issue at the lowest possible level with the simplest means of communication available. If you think you can resolve an issue by talking with the teacher, do it. If it doesn’t work, go to the next level. It is good practice to ask people how they prefer to be contacted. Some teachers are comfortable with parents contacting them in person (unscheduled) for minor matters. Some prefer telephone or e-mail contact, and others prefer a scheduled conference to discuss matters. Determine the preferred method and try to use it whenever possible. You should [...]

Tips to Communicate Effectively2019-05-22T13:59:36-05:00
31 10, 2018

5 Elements of Successful Advocacy


1. ATTITUDE AND EMOTIONS Don’t yell. Drop your voice when you feel anger. If the other party seems to be acting in good faith, respond in-kind. Focus on how to get your partner(s) to do what you think they need to do. Never threaten anything you are not fully prepared to carry out successfully. Imagine yourself as the advocate for someone else’s child. […]

5 Elements of Successful Advocacy2019-05-23T12:33:59-05:00
30 10, 2018

Who Has the Information You Need?


The first step in getting services for your child is being prepared to explain what you want for your child and having information that supports your request. After you decide what your child needs, you must be able to clearly communicate to the appropriate person what you are requesting. Communicating with the appropriate person is the quickest, simplest way to resolve or address issues. […]

Who Has the Information You Need?2019-05-23T13:50:05-05:00
9 10, 2018

14 Questions to Ask at Your Parent-Teacher Conference


Knowing that you have to go to your child’s school for a parent-teacher conference may make you feel nervous, intimidated or frustrated. You can print the following list of questions from Understood.org. Bring it with you, and you’ll be likely to leave your meeting with the information you need to further your child’s school experience. […]

14 Questions to Ask at Your Parent-Teacher Conference2018-10-09T13:00:21-05:00


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