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12 01, 2017

Comments that Parents Hear: “Your Child is Making Good Progress”


What can you do if the school appears unwilling and/or unable to create a program or services to prevent your child from falling further behind or to narrow the gap with his or her peers?  The school may say “Your child is making good progress” or “Your child is making passing grades”. Recall the Law An individualized education program “must include … A statement of measurable annual goals, including academic and functional goals designed to— (A) Meet the child’s needs that result from the child’s disability to enable the child to be involved in and make progress in the general education [...]

Comments that Parents Hear: “Your Child is Making Good Progress”2017-06-30T15:59:52-05:00
10 01, 2017

What Is Progress Monitoring?


Progress monitoring can give you and your child’s teacher information that can help your child learn more and learn faster, and help you make better decisions about the type of instruction that will work best with your child.

What Is Progress Monitoring?2019-05-30T12:46:11-05:00
9 01, 2017

Should a Student’s Progress or Mastery Toward IEP Goals Be the Basis for Grades?


A student’s progress or mastery toward his/her IEP goals is never the basis for his/her grade. It is important to point out that, even if written in measurable terms, a goal such as “70% mastery of grade- level TEKS” does not meet IDEA requirements of a measurable goal detailed in 34 CFR §300.320(a)(2)(ii). Such a goal is simply a restatement of the expectations for all students in general education.

Should a Student’s Progress or Mastery Toward IEP Goals Be the Basis for Grades?2019-05-30T12:29:11-05:00
4 01, 2017

How Will I Know if My Child is Making Progress?


Monitoring your child’s progress is important anytime, but it is especially important now that the school year is half over. Reports from the school are not always very specific. Where is the child in relation to his/her peers, the grade level curriculum, his/her IEP goals? The PRN website blog will be focusing on progress monitoring this month. We will be sharing articles and resources on grading and how to determine if your child is making progress towards IEP goals, a Section 504 plan, in RTI, and the general curriculum.  You are encouraged to leave comments and ask questions at the end of [...]

How Will I Know if My Child is Making Progress?2017-06-30T16:08:38-05:00


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