12 12, 2018

What Can I Do if I Think the School’s Evaluation is Wrong?


Ask for an Independent Evaluation If you think the school’s evaluation does not accurately measure your child’s need for special education, you may get an independent education evaluation (IEE) at your own expense and/or request an independent evaluation at the school’s expense. Download a sample letter for requesting an independent evaluation from the IDEA Manual > Independent evaluations are done by qualifed persons who are not employed by the school. You may ask the school how and where to get an independent evaluation or you may get the independent evaluation done by someone not recommended by the school, as long as [...]

What Can I Do if I Think the School’s Evaluation is Wrong?2019-05-20T14:16:33-05:00
13 08, 2017

What is a REED?


REED is an acronym for Review of Existing Evaluation Data.  The following information about REEDs is excerpted from the Texas Education Agency’s (TEA) webpage Review of Existing Evaluation Data Frequently Asked Questions: A review of existing evaluation data (REED) is the process of looking at a student’s existing data to determine if additional data are needed as part of an initial evaluation (if appropriate) or as part of a reevaluation. Specifically, the group conducting the REED must determine whether further assessments are required to determine: Whether the student has or continues to have a disability; Whether the student’s present levels of academic achievement [...]

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