30 05, 2019

IDEA and Parent Participation


Given the power that family involvement has to influence how our children achieve in school and in life, it’s not surprising that the nation’s special education law, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), strongly supports parents’ right to be involved in the special education their child receives.

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25 03, 2019

The New IEP: Using Strengths to Set Goals


It’s that time of year – IEP season! The IEP meeting room will be full of professions – speech pathologists, teachers, occupational therapists, paraprofessionals, principals, case managers, and parent(s).  But, who is missing?  You guessed it…the student!

The New IEP: Using Strengths to Set Goals2019-05-20T10:33:27-05:00
28 02, 2019

School Nurse Services and the IEP


The need for school nurse services is sometimes documented in Individual Health Plans (IHP). However, IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) also provides several opportunities for the involvement of school nurses in the education of students who are or may be students who qualify for special education services.

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