This Checklist is designed to assist military families when Relocating (PCSing) with their Exceptional Family Member (dependent child who has disabilities).

Prior to leaving current duty station:


  • Update the Individual Education Program (IEP) with team at school where child attends (or the 504 with designated school staff) *Although the 504 is not transferrable, it is important to have possible accommodations and modifications listed so you may share ideas that have worked in the past
  • Request and obtain copy of educational records from school building and district office
  • Research possible “gaining” schools so you may have options of where you decide to live or have your child attend
  • Contact the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) to ensure enrollment within the program is current (summary DD2792 and DD2792-1)
  • Contact your state’s Parent Training and Information Center (PTI) and ask them to connect you with the Parent Center in the State to which you are moving (also a great resource for information on local schools) or go to
  • Visit to listen to or read what Military Homefront suggests


  • Request and obtain immunization records and documentation of diagnosis
  • Research therapy services/companies your child needs near the “gaining” installation
  • Request refills of prescriptions and supplies needed to last (at least) an entire month after leaving current installation

* If using the mail order pharmacy for prescriptions (Express Scripts) the process may be interrupted during your move. Be sure to obtain paper copies of prescriptions to fill on the road or before you leave

  • Contact EFMP Family Case Worker to connect you with their counterpart at the “gaining” installation
  • Update your Extended Care Health Option (ECHO) Case Manager of your impending PCS and ask to be connected to an ECHO Case Manager at your “gaining” installation (if it will change TRICARE regions or areas of operation from your current ECHO Case Manager)
  • Special medical equipment may also need to be transported for your move (physically with you or be there when you arrive). Please contact your ECHO Case Manager or your Regional TRICARE provider (ex. Humana, Health Net, or United Healthcare) for your specific needs.
  • Visit to see what Military OneSource has compiled


Special Care Organization Record (SCOR) Binder/Home File

  • Create or add medical and educational documents to your Home File* so it may be hand-carried with you. DO NOT allow this item to be packed with your household goods as it may be useful when registering for school, updating information with the “gaining” TRICARE region, requesting ADA housing, and updating your child’s “gaining” medical team/providers

*Home Files may be more protected in your move if you have all documents saved on a USB Storage device (thumb/jump drive) or into your Virtual Storage location (“cloud”)

Items to consider placing in your Home File:

  • Copy of EFM’s Birth Certificate and Social Security Card (or have number memorized)
  • Recent progress reports, report cards, and work samples from school
  • Most recent case notes or progress reports from therapists (OT, PT, Speech, ABA, etc.)
  • Contact information for service providers (those you may need to get information from to provide to “gaining” providers)
  • Most recent IEP or 504
  • Diagnosing paperwork
  • Copies of DD2792 and DD2792-1
  • Visit to “plan” your move

After arriving at new duty installation:


  • Register your child at their new school, share copy of IEP or 504 at that time
  • Ask questions about how or when the teacher(s) will be receiving your child’s IEP to ensure it is followed until it is reviewed and accepted or you receive a Request to Evaluate (this would allow the school to evaluate and meet to implement a new IEP) while comparable services are being provided from the current IEP
  • Meet with your child’s teacher(s) to go over needs, goals, accommodations, and modifications for clarity and mutual understanding
  • If a new IEP is implemented email or hand-carry a copy to your EFMP or Special Needs Program (SNP) and email to your ECHO Case Manager
  • Contact the PTI for whom you were given contact information to find out about State specific guidelines, codes, and laws pertaining to special education and possible workshops, volunteering, or employment opportunities


  • Ensure you register with your TRICARE region (if your PCS has caused you to relocate to a new region) or update them with your new mailing address and contact numbers
  • Schedule appointments at your assigned Military Treatment Facility (MTF) with your Primary Care Manager (PCM, aka: Physician) to request all referrals for specialty care your child requires
  • Provide IEP or 504 to update EFMP and ECHO

If you are moving to an OCONUS location remain in contact with the EFMP at your gaining installation to get assistance, if needed.