29 05, 2018

LRE | Key Definitions in IDEA


LRE is an acronym that stands for least restrictive environment.  IDEA does not define “least restrictive environment” in its definitions section. However, it requires that each student receive special education and related services in the “least restrictive environment” and describes what this means.

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20 11, 2017

Least Restrictive Environment, Mainstreaming, and Inclusion


Least restrictive environment refers to the IDEA’s mandate that students with disabilities should be educated to the maximum extent appropriate with peers without disabilities. The LRE mandate ensures that schools educate students with disabilities in integrated settings, alongside students with and without disabilities, to the maximum extent appropriate.

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15 11, 2017

5 Benefits of Inclusion Classrooms


If your child is eligible for special education services, you may worry he’ll be placed in a different classroom than other kids his age. But most kids might be place in classrooms that are known as inclusion (or inclusive) classrooms. In an inclusion classroom, the general and special education teachers work together to meet your child’s needs. This is key. As Carl A. Cohn, Ed.D., executive director of the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence, points out, “It’s important for parents to realize that special education students are first and foremost general education students.” Many schools have inclusion classrooms. In part, that’s [...]

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15 11, 2017

5 Inclusion Myths & Facts


Inclusion helps everyone become a contributing member of a community. Teachers report that the overall classroom climate becomes more respectful and productive when students with disabilities are included.

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30 10, 2017

An Inadequate IEP will Make it Difficult to Consider LRE Placement


An inadequate IEP will make it difficult to consider any child's placement in an organized way. To assist schools and parents, the department has developed and widely distributed a model form that addresses all the required IEP components. Next, each placement option is examined not only as it currently exists, but also as it might be modified. Then, each educational placement option is examined in sequence from least restrictive to most restrictive. While this article was written for New Jersey parents, the basic concepts apply in all states. The second factor listed is from a fifth Circuit Court case against a [...]

An Inadequate IEP will Make it Difficult to Consider LRE Placement2019-10-03T11:30:40-05:00


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